Bloons Tower Defense 5 – Bursting With Fun and Originality

Bloons Tower Defense  5

Bloons Tower Defense 5 is an innovative game of the tower defense genre that stands out from most other games of the same type. Its appeal is very broad due to the relatively simple layout and ease of learning the basics of the game. In contrast to other games of the tower defense genre, it has a notable upbeat style with some zany graphics and an unusual premise, making the gameplay all the more interesting.

The premise of the game is to place towers in carefully-selected locations across the map in order to defend against waves of balloons that move across the screen and around a fixed course. If you let the balloons escape, you lose a life; each stage issues you with a set number of lives, the running out of which denotes failure on your part. The towers in this game are actually monkeys that throw darts of varying type. Each monkey tower has a different ability and is effective against the any different types of balloons that pass through the level.

At the beginning, you can only place the basic dart-throwing monkey as your first towers: the tutorial takes you through the basics of the game as you learn the ropes. Once you earn enough money, you can unlock and purchase different types of towers such as sniper monkeys that have a longer range of fire, monkeys that throw boomerangs, and a variety of others. You are also able to upgrade each of your monkey towers to make it more powerful by changing things like the ammunition it uses and the capabilities of your tower. The range of towers and upgrades is extensive and also extends to ‘special agents’ which can occasionally be used to devastating effect.

The different types of balloons in the game are also numerous. Standard red balloons only take on dart to be destroyed, but different coloured balloons take more and more shots to defeat. Many balloons are made from materials such as lead and ceramic materials and can only be popped by towers that have been upgraded. There is also a self-healing balloon that must be destroyed promptly before it regenerates.

With hundreds of missions to embark on, as well as some side- missions where you must complete tasks at a disadvantage such as restricted tower types, the fun continues for quite some time in Bloons Tower Defense 5. The playful animations also add to the game’s light-hearted style and brings everything together to make for an impressive and addictive tower defense title. We can happily update you and announce that Bloons Tower Defense 6 is in development by Ninja Kiwi! They have announced on their blog that they busy developing the long awaited sequel.