Aphex Twin – Syro: A Review

Looking at this makes you go a bit... peculiar

Looking at this makes you go a bit… peculiar

There’s really no way to adequately describe the music of Aphex Twin to those that are unfamiliar with Richard D. James’ unique brand of schizophrenic and beautifully chaotic offerings. Even the most eloquent of writers will fall short of doing James’ music justice because it’s so unbelievably unique and iconic to the point of basically requiring its own genre (though James has stated in interviews that he has somewhat of a distaste for the labels required when shoving a certain type of music into a genre).

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8 Incredible Electronic Music Tracks


Opinions, Opinions

I’ve tended to cover albums and compilations in the few other articles that have been posted here, mainly because there’s a bit more variety involved, more options for new listeners to consider, and generally more ease in reaching a consensus on what album is generally considered to be good, great, or even the best. There’s nothing wrong with having favourite songs either. Most people that are into their music have a top 5, 10, 15, or 20 list knocking around in their head, even if it does seem to evaporate the moment anyone asks them to name their favourite songs in rank order. The following isn’t intended to be an objective gathering of tracks that will likely be most people’s favourites but rather those tracks that I feel are up there with the best I’ve ever heard.

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A Pick of some Good-and-Heavy Electronic Music Compilation Albums


It’s all well and good having a chat with a musically knowledgeable friend about the best underground artists that are so underground the artists themselves don’t even know they’re making music. It can also be quite productive to go through your favourite band or electronic music artists’ albums, but there comes a point where you simply don’t want to listen through the whole of Brian Eno’s Music for Airports or Aphex Twin’s back catalogue, just on the off chance you’ll discover a musical gem or two.

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Three Influential and Important Electronic Music Artists



The sorry state of the music industry in 2014 is news to no one, apart from perhaps to those that go to Ultra Festival and spend most of their time there shirtless, doing molly, and thinking that Skrillex is anything to do with the original dubstep movement. I’m not electronic music purist by any means; I like a few Skrillex tracks as much as the next idiot. The thing is, I don’t delude myself into thinking that most modern-day artists are somehow as influential as some of the true innovators of the last two decades. Taking a dim view the shambles that makes up 99% of modern electronic music isn’t being a purist: it’s just plain common sense.

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Some Notable Old-School Ambient Electronic Music Albums


If the best electronic music artists were magically transported from around 20 years ago to the present day, what would you suppose they would say about the state of the music scene? It’s almost a given that they would take to bland-as-you-like dance music artists like David Guetta like a lion to a plate of broccoli and spinach. Likewise, show DJ Shadow or Orbital the likes of Skrillex or Diplo and you can be sure that they’d vomit instantly all over these modern-day ruiners of what was originally an inventive and unique genre that was fertile ground for the growth of some of the best electronic music artists to ever grace this world.

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Modern Electronic Music Albums You Need To Buy


Music ain’t what it used to be, am I right? Of course I’m right, in part because that’s just the nature of time itself, ever flowing like a river from source to sea and causing not just music but anything that exists today to be subject to some degree of change in comparison to its original state. But mostly the opening statement is correct in the sense that music, on the whole, just isn’t of the quality it used to be, and the presence of such talentless pillars of garbage like Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris, and this mysterious “Ft.” fellow that seems to be in so many tracks these days in the charts is undeniable proof of the aforementioned statement’s correctness.

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Bloons Tower Defense 5 – Bursting With Fun and Originality

bloons td 5

Bloons Tower Defense  5 is an innovative game of the tower defense genre that stands out from most other games of the same type. Its appeal is very broad due to the relatively simple layout and ease of learning the basics of the game. In contrast to other games of the tower defense genre, it has a notable upbeat style with some zany graphics and an unusual premise, making the gameplay all the more interesting.

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How the Original Trilogy of Star Wars Changed the World of Film-making

star wars

Audiences all over the world were stunned and left speechless as Luke made that last impossible shot for the core of the Death Star. The target was incredibly small, Darth Vader has just eliminated the wingmen behind him, and everything seemed lost. But just as all things seemed to be at an absolute loss, Han swoops in with the Millennium Falcon, knocks Vader out of the way, and Obi Wan contacts Luke with the power of the force, telling him to trust his instincts. It is not surprising to imagine the world’s first viewers of Star Wars to have found themselves cheering and applauding as the Death Star exploded into tiny little bits.

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Transformers Fall of Cybertron


Fans of all things Transformers have never tired over the years when it comes to films, books, merchandise and of course the video games under this title. Transformers Fall of Cybertron is the latest release from High Moon Studios in the Transformers story, that has been well worth the wait, as these superb morphing machines once more take to the video game world.

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