Bloons Tower Defense 5 – Bursting With Fun and Originality

bloons td 5

Bloons Tower Defense  5 is an innovative game of the tower defense genre that stands out from most other games of the same type. Its appeal is very broad due to the relatively simple layout and ease of learning the basics of the game. In contrast to other games of the tower defense genre, it has a notable upbeat style with some zany graphics and an unusual premise, making the gameplay all the more interesting.

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How the Original Trilogy of Star Wars Changed the World of Film-making

star wars

Audiences all over the world were stunned and left speechless as Luke made that last impossible shot for the core of the Death Star. The target was incredibly small, Darth Vader has just eliminated the wingmen behind him, and everything seemed lost. But just as all things seemed to be at an absolute loss, Han swoops in with the Millennium Falcon, knocks Vader out of the way, and Obi Wan contacts Luke with the power of the force, telling him to trust his instincts. It is not surprising to imagine the world’s first viewers of Star Wars to have found themselves cheering and applauding as the Death Star exploded into tiny little bits.

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Transformers Fall of Cybertron


Fans of all things Transformers have never tired over the years when it comes to films, books, merchandise and of course the video games under this title. Transformers Fall of Cybertron is the latest release from High Moon Studios in the Transformers story, that has been well worth the wait, as these superb morphing machines once more take to the video game world.

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